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SODA’s debut EP [Closer]

SODA’s journey to become a world star DJ started in 2013, shortly after giving up a musical acting career to focus all of her efforts in DJing. She has been a loyal fan of a Hip-Hop ever since she first heard ‘Eastside LB’ by the Twinz. Her passion for Hip-Hop was not just about music but also the culture from Nike Jordans to street fashions.

SODA’s background in a theatrical performance helped her to develop unique kind of performances on the stage; her signature move, the ‘Flute Dance’ has become a sensational viral hit all over the globe with millions of views on Youtube, Facebook, and more. It easy to say that she has now become Asia’s #1 DJ, traveling 22 cities, 9 countries, headlining renowned festivals in 2015-16 e.g. Songkrean S2O Music Festival.

As a DJ, SODA fully communicates with the audience in her own way – whether with a heart bumping mix or with her persona – to spread the Hip Hop culture and present unforgettable experiences to the crowd. She truly understands the art of DJing.

In 2016, SODA’s musical passion takes place in a production where she begins to write beats and remix songs, putting ideas she envisioned on stage and DJing. Her remix of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ and Redfoo’s ‘Booty Man X Star Wars’ has proved her passion for creating and delivering one-of-a-kind contents for the audience.

On her first EP album “Closer”, SODA presents a variety of different sounds based on her personal experiences over the years. As an executive producer, she puts out the sounds that express her multiple identities created from the journey of overcoming challenges on and off stage. Through her most anticipated debut album, SODA steps out of the comfort zone and pushes her limits to be developed into an all-around player.

SODA’s debut EP [Closer] is a complete 4 track, 2 music video album, scheduled to be released on June 3rd, 2016.


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